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Chocol’art, a creative children’s charity initiative, has teamed up with the Lebanese Autism Society, in a grand-scale event in Beirut, themed ‘80’s Revival’. Hundreds of exhibitors came together in BIEL, to raise awareness on the topic of autism amongst children, and showcase their creativity to a celebrated crowd.

For the last 5 years, Chocol’art has aimed to create a platform for emerging creative talent to showcase their work, and in return support a good cause. One of the charity initiative’s main goals is to challenge the creative minds of all those that participate with the yearly themed events.Since its founding, Chocol’art, has positioned itself as a broad platform for the creation of visual, edible, and experiential art, all within the theme and context of chocolate, charity, creativity and children.

Chocol’art was founded by two chocolate lovers, Mo Fadlallah and Ali Hashemi. Through the annual events, the team at Chocol’art pairs up with a local charity focused on the provision of healthcare or other services to children in different forms of need.

“Our mission is to support, increase awareness and raise funding for much needed children’s charities through our unique, sweet, and originally creative events,” said Fadlallah.

Chocol’art has, in the past, supported such charities as the PCRF, the Childrens' Cancer Center of Lebanon, the Make-A-Wish UAE and most recently the Brave Heart Fund in Lebanon.

“Our vision is to build Chocol’art as a successful and recognizable Socially Responsible brand and Social Enterprise recognized for its fund raising activities regionally and internationally,” explained Hashemi.


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