Few Lebanese know that nestled in the city of Jnah, a huge warehouse fashioned in the likes of big club stores in the US and Canada exists. We’re talking about Wesley’s Wholesale, a silo filled with an endless selection of merchandise—everything from those iconic red plastic cups perfect for home parties to dark-chocolate dipped granola clusters, Irish steel-cut oatmeal, wooden cutting boards and patio furniture. Yup. All that and everything in between. Here, you’d be pretty hard-pressed NOT to find all your American favorites.

We did some extreme pacing up and down the aisles to give you an idea of the wonders Wesley’s hording in its stronghold. Grab a shopping cart, and let’s go!

1. Sweet Edibles Everywhere

Tis the season for chocolate, and Wesley’s shelves are lined with the sweet edibles in every shape, form and flavor. You can’t celebrate Christmas without cherished gingerbread cookies—try McVitie’s mini gingerbread men dipped in milk chocolate. Only at Wesley’s!

2. If It's Coffee You're Craving...

I'M SORRY WHAT? You didn't get your coffee fix today? Wesley's has everything you're looking for, caffeine junkies. Folgers, Dunkin, Maxwell House, Mayorga... you'll have the morning shakes in no time.

3. A Haven for Health Nuts

Admit it, you’re a health fanatic, and “superfoods” has become your adopted middle name. Wesley’s has got you covered with a variety of healthy snacks including everybody's favorite food-on-the-go: nuts!

4. The Plethora of BBQ Sauces

Some of us refuse to accept that summer is over and that winter is starting to show its soaking wet face. For those of us who are diehard aficionados of summer BBQs and who continue to grill even with the arrival of Christmas (hey—who knows? It could be sunny this December 25!), Wesley’s offers a variety of BBQ sauces perfect for marinating every type of meat. There’s even a Jim Beam steak sauce infused with Kentucky bourbon. Now that’s the festive spirit!

5. Top of the Line Hygiene Products

You care about the environment, and you love to use all natural products free of artificial preservatives and animal ingredients. Tree-hugger you may be, but you still insist on smelling good. Try Tom’s Naturally Dry antiperspirant sticks, which provide 24-hour wetness and odor protection thanks to its plant and mineral byproducts. Wesley’s shelves are stocked with these life saviors.

6. Classy Kitchenware

Don’t even think about heating your waffles or sliced bread in a microwave. Oh no. For that, dear readers, you need a proper toaster, and it doesn’t get more proper than KitchenAid’s artisan variety. Fabricated from metal and equipped with an electronic sensor for consistent toasting, this red-and-chrome baby is what you need to make the best toast for scrambled eggs.

7. One Stop Christmas Shopping

Christmas is right around the corner, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to need yards upon yards of wrapping paper. Wesley’s offers an assortment of the stuff, as well as ribbons, stickers, cards, and envelopes to suit your gifting essentials. To keep sane, you’ll probably require a few slices of fragrant Italian panettone in between gift wrapping sessions. Thankfully, they’ve got that, too!

8. Imported Specialties

We’ve all fallen in love with Italian cuisine thanks to that wickedly tasty little spread called pesto, derived from basil, pine nuts, olive oil, and parmesan. Have you ever laid your eyes or—better yet—dipped your tongue in pistachio pesto? Spread this flavorful Sicilian marvel on crusty bread as an appetizer, or toss it with your favorite heart-shaped pasta, also available at Wesley’s. It is nut-terrific!

For more information about Wesley’s Wholesale, check out their Facebook page here. The main outlet is in Jnah, but there’s also a smaller express store in Jal el Dib across from Mar Takla church.

Wesley's Wholesale
Near Iranian Embassy
Tel.: +9611834411

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