You know when you walk into the store for some make-up remover and leave with two mascaras, an axe, and a new puppy? We’re all guilty of going a little shopping crazy from time to time, some of us more than others. Here are fifteen Lebanese girls on the dumbest things they’ve ever bought.

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“I once bought chocolates for my dog from Harrods in London; they cost around 100 pounds ($156.) Sadly that wasn’t the only time this [kind of thing] happened; I tend to buy him expensive toys and treats at least a couple of times a month.” – Rama, 23.

“I was traveling with a guy I kind of liked to New York and decided to upgrade my ticket to business class to impress him; it ended up costing me twice as much.” – Anonymous, 31.

“I have a thing for shoes, last month I bought a pair of $400 leopard heel boots that I never wore. I don’t know what I was thinking, I thought I looked so cool and rebellious at the store – haven’t worn them yet.” – Rita, 24.

“I waste my money on useless things. For example, I recently went into Starbucks and charged over $200 worth of mugs and thermoses on my credit card.” – Mona, 34.

“I get my nails done religiously every four days, it ends up costing me hundreds of dollars a month but it’s too late to turn back now!” – Lara, 25.

“I was starting to date a guy who loved whiskey, so I went out and bought six bottles of different whiskeys to impress him.” – Darine, 26.

“I bought a Nespresso machine for my house because it looks nice. I do not drink coffee.”
– Karla, 33.

“The dumbest thing I buy is probably music from iTunes. I know I can download it for free I just like the sound quality more and the way it organizes itself on my phone.” – Dana, 23.

“Where do I start? I bought coffee beans when I had no machine to grind them, and a very expensive pair of jeans that were two sizes too small because I was in Paris and felt the need to shop for something.” – Maya, 20.

“While on vacation, a salesman once convinced me to buy a bronze sculpture of a frog by telling me it would bring me luck. It was huge and very expensive and ended up breaking in cargo.”
– Amne, 26.

“I bought Tod’s moccasins for my baby brother when he was only a couple of months old; needless to say he outgrew them in like a week.” – Rhea, 19.

“I once spent $200 on perfumed oil in Egypt. The guy selling it convinced me that the ‘recipe’ belonged to Cleopatra and they got it from the pyramids.” – Anonymous, 25.

“I bought a Louis Vuitton bag when I first started university because I saw so many girls had them. I think I was broke around six months in advance, biggest mistake ever.” – Anonymous, 26.

“I spent $400 at Nike buying brand new workout gear thinking that it would motivate me to start going to the gym, it didn’t.” – Maya, 24.

“Really, really expensive lingerie that nobody ever ends up seeing.” – Anonymous, 29.

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