2014 has been a rollercoaster of emotions, emoticons, and Ebola. As hard as it may be, there are some opportunities for satisfaction that you may or may not have experienced this year. Here are some of the most satisfying feelings you can experience in 2014:

1. Being employed.

2 Being employed within your field.

3. Being employed within your field for a semi-decent amount of money.

4. Not being beheaded by ISIS.

5. The orange heart indicating a new Instagram like.

6. The red flag notification on Facebook.

7. A complete and successful iPhone update.

8. A retweet. Or tens of retweets!

9. Successfully stalking someone and realizing they have thousands of pictures for you to gawk at.

10. Finding your new boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s Instagram, and having it be public.

11. A negative Ebola test.

12. A negative pregnancy test.

13. A hot Tinder match. Icing on the cake: they can spell.

14. Cherry on top of the icing on the cake: they’re not related to anybody you know.

15. Your iPhone 6 didn’t bend in half.

16. Being Beyonce and making hundreds of millions of dollars off of one album.

17. Finding out that your favorite restaurant was not serving you fecal matter.

18. Not having been on Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

19. Not having been on that second Malaysian flight that got shot down over Ukraine.

20. Successfully dodging the ALS bucket challenge and therefore not having your idiocy documented.

21. Getting butt implants.

22. Being Kim Kardashian and getting paid for having butt implants.

23. Being North West and basically being a billionaire while you were still in the womb.

24. A stupid street style account on Instagram finally featuring your crappy outfit.

25. Your mom not sharing anything embarrassing on Facebook.

26. None of your friends turned vegan so you can still have normal dinners and discuss things besides veganism.

27. None of your friends became Crossfit addicts so you can still have discussions about things besides Crossfit.

28. Being Solange and finally getting to kick the shit out of your brother-in-law, Jay Z.

29. Not being an Oscar of the Pistorius or De La Renta variety.

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