House parties are fun, just ask Lindsay Lohan! Since she’s been on house arrest for most of her adult life. I bet Lindsay would tell you there’s no party like a house party. Here are six ways to ensure your house party is epic:

1. Stoli’s Mobile Bar. It's Catering, But For Alcohol.

Nothing ruins a party faster than a host on the verge of tears because the mixers ran out, which is why you need to make your life easy and rent the mobile bar from Stolichnaya. Yes, I said you can RENT A BAR for your next house party. Brace yourselves for some serious badassery.

This incredible service provides you with a full service bar delivered right to your doorstep. You get to customize it yourself, picking out your preferred liquors and mixers. I just might never leave the house again.

The people over at Stoli know what they’re doing, they know how to keep it as simple and alcoholic as possible – they set up the entire thing for you so you can be free to get inebriated along with your guests.

2. Be All About That Bass

No party is ever complete without music so load a few playlists beforehand and put them on your iPod/iPhone and hook it up to some speakers. Your musical choices can get increasingly embarrassing and include more of your favorite Miley Cyrus hits as the night progresses. Also, don’t shy away from mixing some Fairuz right into Wrecking Ball – that’s when the magic happens.

3. Embrace The Ambience

In order to keep things lively, you can amp up the party with some visual enhancers, the best way to do this is by projecting some cool music videos on your wall! You can find most music videos on YouTube and use a simple projector or even make your own.

You can also put up a disco ball to bring out everyone’s inner seventies diva, or put out a bunch of glow-sticks for people to act like 12-year-old raving monkeys.

4. The Guest List

Don’t: let your creepy cousin guilt you into inviting him, you know he will hit on everything in sight and throw off the entire vibe. Stay strong and do the simplest thing: lie to him and tell him the party is cancelled because you have diarrhea – he will not press you for further details.

Do: invite that one guy who will get the dancing started.

5. Make A Signature Cocktail

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To keep people dancing and having fun, you basically have to keep them lit.

Your guests will love you for making a delicious cocktail they can enjoy, and since we’re amid the holiday season, go for Santa’s Cranberry Vodka. This recipe will make one liter so adjust accordingly.

You will need:

3 cups Stolichnaya Premium Vodka
¼ cup of orange juice
¼ cup of water
1 ½ cups of sugar
3 cups of cranberries
zest of one orange

In a pot, heat the water, orange juice, sugar, and cranberries. Add the orange zest and let them to simmer for 10 minutes. Remove and allow to cool completely before refrigerating a few hours (or days if you’d like) before your party.

Now for the alcohol, during your party, bust out your bottle of Stoli Night Edition, and dunk it in an ice bucket – be sure to pause for ooh’s and ah’s. This unique bottle is temperature reactive, it changes design depending on the temperature it is exposed to. Proceed to pour 3 cups worth of Stoli Night Edition vodka into your cranberry mixture, stir, and serve!

6. Throw It Down

Remember, if the host is dancing and having a great time, people are sure to follow!


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