Yeah it's kind of cheesy, but there's nothing like showing a little red, white and green pride. And the reality is, usually you don't care until the recognition comes from abroad. Here's five people who did our country proud this past year on the international scene.

1. Carlos Ghosn

(Image via Annahar)

He is the chairman of three powerhouse companies in the automotive industry: French Renault, Japanese Nissan and Russian AvtoVAZ. LinkedIn interviewed him this past November, praising his managing skills and successes, including a whopping $14 billion in sales in 2014. Lebanese are more than proud of Mr. Ghosn, who just so happens to be a partner in Batroun’s IXSIR winery. Cheers!

2. Amal Alameddine

(Image via Forbes)

She’s Mrs. Clooney! At last, the most famous bachelor fell in love and got married. Lebanon is proud of Amal, not just for charming Mr. Clooney, but also because she made it clear that being attractive is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything a woman can offer. Her career as a highly respected human rights attorney, cool character, and responsible behavior captured the attention of the media this year. She was named the most powerful woman in London by The London Evening Standard, and she earned the No. 1 spot on Barbara Walters’s annual 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014 list.

3. Mark Haidar

(Image via Twitter)

Young innovator Mark Haidar recently designed a device called VINLI, which can be used in cars to download all kinds of apps. Through an online voting competition, he won the honor of speaking at the International WebSummit in Dublin, a leading tech meeting place in Ireland.

4. Nour El Assaad

Social activism in Lebanon can breathe again with people like Nour el-Assaad, founder of anti-bullying movement No Label. She was selected to represent the World Youth Vision at the United Nations on the topic of Women’s Health & Development. She announced a campaign in October to bring awareness to women’s health issues.

5. Mhammad el-Mir

(Image via Facebook)

He might be 11-years-old, but that didn’t stop him from winning the international junior mental calculation world championship in Germany. Tripoli’s Mhammad el-Mir came in first place after beating dozens of other participants from more than 40 countries, and was named ‘World (junior) Genius’!

Fireworks and chants erupted in Tripoli, and his school threw a huge celebration in his honor.

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ZD HK on Dec 24, 2014 via web
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You forgot one Proff. Joumana Toufaily

ZD HK on Dec 24, 2014 via web