Remember that one time you tripped on a ridiculously expensive pair of heels you never saw again, or the time you literally ate a girl's perfume because she wanted to smell nice for the gym? That’s how you know you were once in a Lebanese girl’s bedroom. At least it’s great to see that her personality matches her personal sanctuary. The following are items you’ll most likely find in a Lebanese girl’s bedroom.

1. A Flat Iron

(Image via Cosmopolitan)

Of course, there’s no leaving the house without a full head of makeup and every single strand of hair in place. We’re not only wasting the electricity we don’t have, but we’re burning our beautiful locks beyond repair. Excuse me while I flaunt these frizzy curls and keep a head full of hair until I’m at least 40.

2. Victoria’s Secret Products

(Image via We Heart It)

From Pure Seduction body spray to pink lace panties, if she hasn’t got it all, she’ll have at least an item or two.

3. An Old Comforter

(Image via We Heart It)

“Grams likes to quilt,” she tells her friends every time they come over and ask about the moth holes in her blankets.

4. Her First Diary

(Image via We Heart It)

It’ll have one of those locks and keys that work on just about everything, which makes it a whole lot easier to read her very first entry about Rami touching her hand in 1st grade. Can someone say adorable?!

5. At Least Four Bottles of Perfume

(Image via We Heart It)

And makeup remover, moisturizer, and nail polish remover. As if it’s necessary to change them according to her outfit.

6. Ugly Jammies

(Image via We Heart It)

There’s always that one pair of embarrassing PJ pants with either Hello Kitty, Dora, cupcakes, stains, or all of the above.

7. Neglected Heels

(Image via We Heart It)

Girls feel the need to buy things they don’t really need, just because they find it pretty, or because everyone else has it. She’ll more than likely have that one pair of shoes that she spent her entire sad paycheck on because it matched some nail polish she found the day before. In case you’re wondering, yes, she only wore it once.

8. Outdated Music

(Image via We Heart It)

If you look close enough, you might find an old iPod Nano or CDs buried under her box of stuffed animals. You may even start feeling nostalgic when you shuffle through to find nothing but songs by N’Sync, The Backstreet Boys, and the soundtrack to every Disney movie you’ve ever seen.

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