If you look past the annoying traffic, corrupt bribery, weak economy, and prestigious celebrity wannabes, you’ll realize there’s more to Lebanon than meets the eye. Check out seven pictures that will make you want to grab your passport, toothbrush and Samsonite, and make a break for it; and then seven more we hope will immediately change your mind. After all, it's a f***ed up country, but it's what we call home.

This shot was taken merely seconds before a car bomb went off killing 16-year-old Mohammad al-Chaar, who was just passing time with his friends in downtown Beirut. (Image via Daily Mail Online)

Haret Hreik after the war in 2006. (Image via SOUAR)

Taken by Steve McCurry during the civil war, the Lebanese will always find a way to survive.

Here’s a courtroom full of empty-headed fools. (Image via Lebanese Examiner)

“Hey, what if a lawmaker actually punched a female employee in the neck because she refused to help him first?” probably isn’t the best conversation starter, considering it actually happened. (Image via Daily Star)

Syrian refugees in Lebanon are forced to live in makeshift camps with little access to resources. (Image via Ya Libnan)

Nearly a year ago, Sukleen bins around Beirut were overflowing with garbage due to the inaccessibility of the landfill in Naame. If you look closely, you may even be able to see the natural color of the bins buried under all that garbage. (Image via Blog Baladi)

Drop that suitcase! In an attempt to help needy children this Christmas, Joue Club and Live Love Beirut teamed up to gives kids in Lebanon the Christmas they've always dreamed of. (Image via Instagram)

Legends never die! (Image via Daily Star)

Last Independence Day we showed the world we are united. (Image via Naharnet)

There’s art on every corner, literally.

The city never sleeps! Just another ordinary night at Sky Bar. (Image via Instagram)

The view from just about anywhere is absolutely breathtaking. (Image via Live Love Beirut)

Need I say more? (Image via Live Love Beirut)

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