This week in the Middle East, we witness the sequel of MP Fattoush's adventures, "The Chronicles of Fattoush the Barbarian." We may not have seen a lot of death, chaos or corruption this week, but we still have some WTF headlines for you.

Israel Arrests American for Plotting Attacks on Muslims

No, you didn't misread that. Israel actually arrested an American for plotting acts of terrorism against Muslims. A man identified as Adam Livix stole explosives and ammunition from the IDF and under interrogation admitted to plotting to use them against Muslims in Palestine. His reason? He feared Muslims would harm US President Barack Obama during his next visit to Israel.

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Egypt Passes New Law Defining 'Terrorist'

(Image via Al Monitor)

In a move designed to discredit the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's government issued a new law that redefines what a terrorist is. The law defines terrorist entities as “any association, organization, group or gang that practices, aims at, or calls for destabilizing public order, endangers society’s well-being or its safety or interests, or endangers social unity by using violence, power, threats or acts of terrorism to achieve its goals.”

So basically, any one protesting can now legally be defined as a terrorist since the ambiguous law could define demonstrations as "destabilizing public order".

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West to Resettle Over 100,000 Syrians

(Image via Daily Star)

Rejoice Lebanon, (some) help is on the way! Europe and the US are working on fixing their resettlement plans to help relocate 100,000 Syrians. It's no secret that Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan have been in over their heads with the rapidly increasing numbers of Syrian refugees, so these plans - alongside increased UN aid - will definitely help out.

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MP Fattoush Aide Attacks Al-Jadeed Reporters

(Image via Blog Baladi)

After Zahle residents complained to the media about a new factory being built near their houses under a plan organized by MP Nicolas Fattoush's brother, Pierre, an Al-Jadeed news crew decided to go investigate, grab some footage and conduct an interview. Al-Jadeed claims its crew was met with hostility by men related to Fattoush and say they were later attacked by his men who were said to be heavily armed.

Yes, it's the same Fattoush that attacked a woman for doing her job.

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Germany to Train Anti-ISIS Fighters in Iraq

(Image via Daily Star)

Sure... there's nothing wrong with a highly developed country such as Germany to train anti-ISIS soldiers in Iraq, it's not like the US already tried something similar to that in Iraq...

Germany has decided to send 100 soldiers to Iraq to train the Kurdish to fight ISIS there. The US will also be pitching in and sending 1,500 troops over to Iraq.

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