The Beirut Bar Association is the association encompassing the lawyers registered in its bar roll, to whom the law restricted the right to represent and plead before courts and achieve the mission of justice by revealing legal opinion and depending the rights, pursuant to the provisions of the Law on the Organization of the Profession of Law No. 70/8 with it amendments and to the bylaws of the Bar and the Regulation of the Profession’s Ethics.

The Beirut Bar was established pursuant to the decision of the General Administrative Governor No. 192 issued on February 6th, 1919. The decision provided for organizing the profession of law among its current members and those applying to enter this independent corps. It also ordered the formation of an administrative committee for the Bar Association at the Court of Appeals, whereby it would be comprised of a chair and four members.

Beirut Bar Association

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    Palace of Justice Mathaf Tel.: +9611422205
    Tel.: +9611422206
    Mob.: +9611422207


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