There’s a new place in Mar Mikhael—surprise, surprise! No, but seriously, this one’s worth checking out. Housed in a massive space, which is rare for the congested quartier, Memory Lane straddles café, pub, eatery, and even gaming saloon with foosball and an antiquated pinball machine. The menu is neatly organized, pricing all entrées uniformly at 14,000 LL, sandwiches & kaak at 9,500 LL, pizzas at 19,500 LL, and platters—meaty or meatless—at 24,000 LL. I’ve never seen a full-sized salmon tartare replete with guacamole, wasabi, uzu, and green apple for 14,000 LL, which is a steal in my book. The delicious rosemary pita chips that accompany it are exquisite.

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    Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m.

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Memory Lane Beirut

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    Extending from Armenia Street to Madrid and Ibn El Rabih Streets Mar Mikhael Tel.: +9611562808
    Tel.: +9611562807
    Tel.: +9611562806


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