Are you upset about your gift this holiday season? Did you get some crappy pajamas when you wanted an iPhone? Well, you spoiled ingrate: here are 20 people who can give you a run for your money!

“One Christmas I got three bottles of air freshener from my office secret Santa. I really hope that it was a last-minute purchase because he forgot about the gift swap and not because he thought I needed them.”
– Marwan, 31.

“The worst gift I received was a bible for teenagers from my religious aunt who was scared I would lose my soul in high school.”
– Diego, 25.

“Around two years ago, a friend got me a gym membership voucher with a free consultation with a nutritionist and an online diet plan. They were in one of those gift boxes and it had "determination" quotes written all over it. I was already registered at a gym. And although I used to complain about my weight, it was honestly just kind of obnoxious.”
– Nadine, 25.

“When I was five-years-old, a friend of mine got me a Barbie. The next day she informed me that her parents said I had to pay 10,000 LL for it. I ended up making partial payments to them for a week. That was the worst gift.”
– Suzan, 25.

“A Furby. And I wasn’t a child. Enough said.”
– Dina, 25.

“My mom went abroad and came back just in time for Christmas. She bought my sister all these nice beauty products, creams, and clothes; then she hands me my gift and it’s this ‘Fat Girl Slim’ collection of lotions for all my trouble cellulite spots. It was actually really funny.”
– Yasmin, 24.

“A hair clip! It was handmade by the person, so there was some sentimental aspect to it, except no.” – Aya, 23.

“Worst gift I have ever received: a plate.”
– Nour, 26.

“A dictionary for girls that is all about getting your period and stuff… super embarrassing!”
– Yasmine, 25.

“My parents once bought me a PlayStation game without buying me the actual PlayStation. They thought I could play it on the computer, so it was like a double disappointment.”
– Kareem, 22.

“A used bottle of perfume, it was like a quarter of the way used.”
– Yara, 24.

“I once got a single pirated DVD from an elder family member. Like, literally, it cost 1,000 LL.”
– Dyala, 26.

“My first tooth, my brother had it saved for me. Gross.”
– Dima, 24.

“Worst gift I’ve ever received is a gold and red cover for Kleenex boxes.”
– Charles, 69.

“This horrible and gaudy piece of glass with my baby picture engraved on it. It was so creepy.”
– Rima, 36.

“It was from a guy that I kind of liked back in high school. He kept telling me how he was going to get me something that weighs three kilos and how I’ll never guess what it is… it was bananas.”
– Tala, 24.

“My ex gave me socks for Christmas. Not joking.”
– Mirna, 30.

“Worst gift I’ve ever received... someone once bought me a jar of Nutella and a jar of peanut butter as a gift back in high school. They might as well have told me 'happy holidays, you hippo!'”
– Lana, 25.

“A fake iPhone. It had some weird games installed but wouldn't connect to WiFi or anything, and I had to pretend to use it for a while.”
-Salem, 44.

“My uncle’s wife got me a waxing kit when I was like 14. The most embarrassing part was everyone trying to pretend that it was a normal gift.”
– Dana, 29.


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