From Ukraine to Ferguson, Gaza to Liberia here are 15 of the top photos from 2014.

(Ashura Selfie by Mohammed al-Shaikh/AFP/Getty Images)

(The shortest and tallest men alive together - Luke MacGregor/Reuters)

(Dawn of the Planet of the Camels - Stringer India/Reuters)

(Just some cute Palestinian kids - Suhaib Salem/Reuters)

(Most retweeted picture, the Oscar Selfie)

(Ebola epidemic in Liberia - Daniel Berehulak - The NY Times/Redux)

(Israel bombed a beach killing 3 kids - Tyler Hicks - The NY Times/Redux)

(Dave Seymour and son Duke riding the wall of death - Rex/Rex USA)

(Jeremy Meeks was arrested on felony weapon charges, but his booking photo went viral and secured him a Hollywood agent - Stockton Jail)

(Dutch artist Bart Jansen turns his dead cat into a remote-controlled helicopter - Rex/REX USA)

(Moving picture taken of a woman that just lost her daug.. oh wait no this one is crying because Germany beat Brazil in the world cup - Bruno Magalhaes/AP)

(Miley Cyrus performsn on stage - Mazur / WireImage)

(U.S. President Barack Obama and former U.S. President Bill Clinton "speak" before Obama’s speech - John Moore / Getty Images)

(As inappropriate as this may look, this is just a man doused with milk and sprayed with mist after being hit by an eye irritant from security forces trying to disperse demonstrators in Ferguson - Adrees Latif / Reuters)

(A high wave hits the bank of Qiantang River in China - Xu Kangping/EPA)

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