Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest that you take a walk.

The time between mid-December and the beginning of January is chock-full of parties, drinking, vacationing, and celebrating. That is why when we have to return to work on the 2nd of January, to an office with no secret Santa, no impromptu parties, and no festive decorations; we tend to get bummed out. Here are some ways you can beat the post-holiday blues:

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1) The good news

Recognize that this gloomy feeling won’t last long. This is most likely a period of adjustment where you reacquaint yourself with day to day activities that don’t involve candy canes. Also, be aware that this is a spoiled first-world problem by Googling words like “genocide,” “war,” and “hunger.”

2) Start a new television show

Nothing can hold you over until Easter like getting hooked on a show. Have you started House of Cards? Masters of Sex? Orange Is The New Black? Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Get to it!

3) Find things to look forward to

Schedule things that make you happy throughout your week. This can be as simple as scheduling a dinner out with friends or a pizza/television party you plan to have that weekend in your bed.

4) Get healthier

The holidays involve a lot of time spent sitting around eating, drinking, and socializing. Taking on a healthier lifestyle will make you feel better and help lift the fog. You can also try getting distracted with a new type of exercise like yoga, boxing, or Crossfit.

5) Plan your next holiday

Even if it won’t be for a while, early planning will help you anticipate some good times.

6) Avoid being in a rut

Just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean that you have to stop hosting the occasional dinner party or get-together.

7) Invest some time in a new hobby

With everything winding down, it is a perfect opportunity for you to start a creative activity you’ve been interested in. Whether it is painting, writing, or pottery, exercising your mind will make you feel better and more accomplished.

8) Slow down

Many of us operate on accelerated schedules throughout the holiday season, slowing down and reflecting on the last year can be a good start to the new year, helping you get some perspective on where you are in comparison to where you want to be.


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