Most of us have an ugly crying face; these movies will give you the worst crying face you could ever hope for. Here are the ten saddest scenes from kid’s movies, ever:

Charlotte’s Web:

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Where were you when Charlotte died?


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A hunter shooting Bambi’s mom and then little Bambi roams the forest searching for her. Walt Disney should have paid for our therapy.

Toy Story 3:

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The scene where all the toys are slipping down the garbage incinerator and they realize there’s no escape so they all join hands and lean into one another destroyed children around the globe.


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When Dumbo goes to visit his mother after she’s been locked and chained inside a prison car, they trunk-hug through the bars. Through.The.Bars.

Finding Nemo:

Watching an overprotective father losing his only son then fighting so hard to find him should make everybody squeeze their parents until they turn blue.


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A lonely robot collects artifacts from human civilization while he cleans the Earth, then falls in love with another robot and they get torn apart.

Old Yeller:

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Dog protects family. Dog bites wolf. Dog gets rabies. Little kid forced to shoot his dog.

A Little Princess:

A little girl is forced to become a servant at her boarding school after her father is presumed dead in the war. You’ll lose it when you see her dressed in rags in the attic crying for her father to come and save her. WHY?


Try to keep it together while you watch an old man losing the love of his life and sitting lonesome at the funeral home. Her loss leaves him feeling so low that he becomes a shut-in in his own home that he has turned into a shrine for her, with all her hopes and dreams displayed. Additional ugly cry-points are achieved when you watch their struggles of trying to have a baby but failing, and trying to save up for their trip around the world that never happens. All in the first ten minutes.

The Lion King:

The Oscars should have a category for “saddest scene ever” and Mufasa’s death by trampling scene should win every year, forever. To add insult to injury, we watch a young Simba nudge his father trying to wake him and tell him it’s time to get up. WHY COULDN’T HE HAVE WOKEN UP WITH JUST SOME MILD BRUISING AND A BROKEN LEG?

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