Lebanese TV series are often the subject of much ridicule.

But hey, we’re just at the beginning of a new year which, according to all the inspirational quotes offered in the history of the internet, comes with a fresh, brand new start.

So you might as well consider giving these shows a second chance. Here's why...

1. Lebanese TV series are criticized for three major reasons…

2. But hey, things are evolving, you know

Yes, that is her.

3. Lebanese series dramatically promote the creativity and imagination of Tweeps

Just Inspirational.

4. They can also help you sort out your friends

Well, you know, just in case...

5. They are pioneers in breaking social stereotypes

English proverb: be not deceived with the first appearance of things, for show is not substance.

6. And strive for a united technological world

*insert World Peace quote from any Miss World pageant*

7. They also inspired one of the most clever blogs of 2014

(Image via Blog of the Boss)

You can find the original post on Blog of the Boss.

8. And some scientific studies as well…

A friendly reminder that Lebanon has one of the highest depression rates worldwide.

9. And let’s not forget how incredibly consistent they are

[You should be taking notes by now]

10. But despite all this, Lebanese drama is still redeemed by a few series no one will ever forget…

11. Like this action-packed comedy

…that still entertains even after being played over a zillion times on Lebanese TV

12. Or its Legally Blonde-type hit successor

I strongly recommend you watch this if you’re looking for a job.

13. And let’s not forget about this courageous country girl who found herself in the middle of a curious murder scene

You go girl!

14. And finally, this dramaturgically dramaturgical tale of complicatedness

Please tell me you remember the opening song.

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