Topping the news this week, a sexy brunette beauty has Lebanon's panties all in a twist, plus if you think Zena was bad, how do you think the country's one million Syrian refugees fared? Here's what you missed (or didn't) in the news this week.

Lebanese-Born Porn Star Mia Khalifa Stirs Controversy

(Image via Gino's Blog)

You'd expect that the average Lebanese would have something more important to discuss than some porn star... no you wouldn't. Mia Khalifa - who was born in Lebanon but now resides in the US, was recently voted the top porn star on Porn Hub, and since then, the Lebanese can't stop talking about it. She's even received death threats from inside the country.

Almaza saw an opportunity there, and took advantage of it.

And so did Radio+TV.

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Syrian Refugees Suffer in Storm-Hit Lebanon

Anyone living in Lebanon has already seen Zena's effects first-hand: roads were blocked, trees flew, and universities closed. Amid the general dismay, it's important to remember there are over a million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, many of which live in camps in the mountainous areas near the border, camps which aren't ready to handle a drizzle, let alone a storm. At least four Syrian refugees have died as a result of the huge storm. The "Lebanese for Refugees" group are organizing an event in Hamra for anyone who wants to help donate clothes, blankets and other supplies.

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Egypt to Demolish 1220 Homes Along Gaza Buffer Zone

(Image via Egyptian Streets)

Egyptian military officials say the army has begun doubling the size of a buffer zone along the Gaza border, an operation that will involve the destruction of 1,220 homes and the eviction of residents.

The operation will expand the existing 500m buffer zone created last November to a full kilometer, a move meant to halt the passage of weapons and militants. The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to journalists, expect to complete the expansion by the middle of next week.

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Lebanese Leaders Condemn Charlie Hebdo Attack

Tammam Slam, Walid Jumblat and Nouhad Machnouk sent their condolences to France and condemned the act of terrorism, and rightly so. Three gunmen killed 12 employees at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris.

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ISIS Beheads Syria Imam for ‘Insulting God’

(Image via ABC News)

As if we didn't need another reason to believe that ISIS is batshit crazy, on Thursday they beheaded a Muslim prayer leader because he cursed after he saw a video of executions carried out by ISIS. The fact that he's a Muslim imam or that three of his sons fight with ISIS didn't stop them from beheading him.

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