She's a creative copywriter by day, and by night she's wandering the city in search of a hot and sweaty dance floor.

The Iowa native and AUB grad also hosts a weekly online radio show on Radio Beirut called "Beirut Down & Dirty," centered around featuring and reviewing underground and indie music along with the local dance party scene. And all hail the queen of cool chicks, Tara's also a vocalist, contributing her pipes to a few dance tracks by local producers with plans to collaborate with more. When she's not doing that, you might see her in pure "door bitch" form manning the door of a local party, ready to send you packing if you don't bring good vibes and a valid id.

Whether it's Yukunkun, BGC parties, Uberhaus, Decks on the Beach or CU NXT SAT, this girl knows where the hottest parties are at. Bottom line: move out the way, Tara Jane is in charge of this ride.

Tara Dobson

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