Expats, curious tourists, Lebanese from around the world, you’ve all at one point wanted to travel to Lebanon or at least wonder what it would be like to actually live here. One thing’s for sure: living in Lebanon has its ups and downs. Before packing your bags and spending your entire life savings on a one-way ticket, here are a few things you should know before moving to Lebanon.

Pack a Few Pairs of XL Pants

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You’ve most likely heard the food is amazing. This is absolutely 100 percent true. But what you may not have heard is that there is no set time for meals and your host will not take “no” for an answer when offering you a third serving of every dish on the table.

Bring Your Best Pair of Rain Boots

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Lebanon is not well-equipped for stormy weather. Everyone’s to busy focusing on more important issues like how…

Lebanese Porn Stars Get More News Coverage Than Bombings

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There Will Be Way Too Much Traffic

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Your best bet is to take a service but be careful not to call it a taxi. There’s a difference.

Shape Up

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Hopefully you’re in shape. If not, no worries - you will be. The electricity will go out enough times you'll eventually walk up nine flights of stairs to get home instead of waiting at the bottom of your building for three hours. That is, if you find a home.

Property is Expensive

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With a pretty steady influx of foreigners and no rent control laws, it's easy to find yourself paying big money for an apartment the size of a shoe box that you share with your best friend.

Toughen Up

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If sound startles you, suck it up, and get ready to mistake fireworks for gunshots every 15 minutes and end up sh**ting your pants.

A Lousy Internet Connection

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Download all the songs, series, and movies you’ll need for the rest of your life. Waiting for a YouTube video to buffer can be a drag.

Don’t Bother Bringing a Watch

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Lebanese don’t believe in punctuality. A lunch date set at around noon can mean anything from 12 to 2. Take your sweet time.

Avoid Pessimism

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Most people that live in Lebanon want to leave. Don’t let them bring you down. Be prepared to explain why you moved here in the first place. And if you actually claim you like it here, you better have one hell of an explanation!

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The most amazing thing about Lebanon,despite all the reasons why it should not ...IT Works, and it has for a great number of years no one knows how or why ,its one of the worlds greatest enigma's, but it does,!! and will continue to do so , enjoy what there is here you'll miss it when you've gone ,,,,,

Robert Dooley on Jan 20, 2015 via web
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Everything is tomorrow (bukra) my hair dresser has a sign that says it all FREE HAIR CUTS TOMORROW, yes you've guessed it .... when asked the reply is .......

Robert Dooley on Jan 20, 2015 via web