This week in the Middle East: Iran tries to prevent its citizens from getting married... by marrying them off themselves, Israel displays high levels of butthurt, and Lebanon avoids a bomb thanks to a traffic accident. Check it out:

Traffic Accident Exposes Rigged Car

(Image via LBC)

On Wednesday, the Lebanese Armed Forces disassembled a silver Mercedes that was rigged with 120 Kg of explosives in Ein El Shaab, Arsal. The driver apparently panicked after the car accident and escaped before the authorities reached the car.

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Roumieh Prisoners Living Large

TV program Kalam El Nas showed on Thursday the inside of Roumieh's Block B, and the inmates seem to be living large: with their steady supply of servers, hubs, LED TVs, drugs, and phones. The block also has a library, coffee shop, and school.

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Israel Says Swedish FM not Welcome

(Image via Daily Star)

Israel said Thursday that Sweden's foreign minister is not welcome for an official visit in the country. Apparently, Israel is still pretty butthurt over the fact that Sweden recognized Palestine as a state.

"Do not wait to travel to Israel until the Swedish foreign minister comes here, because that could take a long time," Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon told public broadcaster Swedish Radio.

"The Swedish foreign minister would not have be given any official meetings in Israel if she traveled here. What Sweden did was an utterly unfriendly action," Nahshon added.

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Iran to Launch Website for Marriage Seekers

(Image via Daily Star)

Iran is giving Tinder owners a run for their money as it is planning to launch its own online 'moral' dating website. The Shiite Muslims that make up the majority of Iran have a thing called 'sigheh' that allows them to marry for just long enough to have sex, then get divorced. This way, they won't be breaking any pre-marital sex laws. Iran is trying to discourage that act and thinks this website can help with that.

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Yves' Murderer Arrested

(Image via State of Mind Blog)

Charbel Khalil, the man believed to be behind the murder of 27-year-old Yves Nawfal, was arrested on Wednesday in Baalbeck. According to reports, Khalil gave orders to have Nawfal gunned down after a dispute at a Kesroun pub broke out where Yves was celebrating his birthday last weekend. Nuhad Machnouk personally paid his respects at Yves' funeral and promised his mother that the murderer would be in custody within 48 hours, which is exactly what happened. Nawfal's mother said she does not seek revenge, but rather justice, so that people like Charbel Khalil cannot not terrorize the youth of Lebanon.

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