We asked people what their favorite and most unusual food pairings were. Things I NEVER want to try: cucumbers and ketchup. Things I'm not totally averse to: chili powder on ice cream.

Also, apparently ketchup on scrambled eggs is weird. I was under the impression this is perfectly normal. Share your favorite unusual food pairings in the Comments section at the bottom of the page!

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“A small slice of baguette, smoked salmon, capers, and peanut butter. Sounds disgusting, but try it."
– Raymond, 47.

“I eat my cool ranch Doritos with hummus instead of salsa or guacamole dips.”
– Karen, 28.

“Two ingredients: Picon cheese and those plain Ghandour biscuits.”
– Mary-Ann, 24.

“Cut up a banana, one spoon of Lebanese achta, one spoon of Nutella, mix them and enjoy!”
– Rami, 26.

“Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and labneh, it’s the best thing ever!”
– Nada, 24.

“My friends think it’s gross but actually it’s very delicious: scrambled eggs with ketchup on top."
– Mahmoud, 26.

“My favorite thing is Kinder and kashkaval cheese in a crepe, it’s too yummy.”
– Nermine, 28.

“Any type of cold cuts sandwich, like turkey or mortadella with peanut butter – my brother and I discovered it by mistake when we were kids and we’ve been addicted ever since.”
– Mohamad, 22.

“Cucumbers slices dipped in ketchup.”
– Adam, 25.

“A fresh zaatar mannouche loaded with salt and vinegar flavored chips.”
– Mona, 27.

“I eat labneh with fig jam, so delicious with a good type of bread.”
– Jacques, 45.

“I like spaghetti with tomato sauce and labneh mixed in, yum!”
– Maryam, 24.

“Rice with sugar, and a cheese mannoushe with corn, cocktail sauce, tomatoes, and pickles – don’t shame me please.”
– Najib, 25.

“Everyone needs to try this. Sprinkle chili powder on top of any flavor of ice cream (but preferably vanilla or chocolate) and watch it get a hundred times better!
– Rita, 31.

“Original flavored Pringles dipped in Nutella, so yummy."
– Dana, 29.

“I love putting jam in all my sandwiches. It can make any sandwich so much better – like a halloum sandwich with some strawberry jam, a ham sandwich with some apricot jam, or even if it’s a Nutella sandwich you can add a fruity jam to it."
– Karam, 31.

“I make a grilled cheese sandwich with jalapenos and dark chocolate in it; I could eat that every single day.”
-- Mark, 42.

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