Whether she’s the stereotypical “tomboy”, “girly girl” or whatever falls in between, there’s a multitude of different types of girls who enjoy either playing or watching the beautiful game. And while many people in Lebanon love and welcome the fact that girls can and do love football, there are a few who still haven't managed to wrap their heads around it. These are the most common responses you'll hear if you're a chick in Lebanon who legitimately loves football.

1. “So you’re a football fan because of all the hot players?”

What? No! I just love football! But I’m not saying that Alonso doesn’t make watching football a hell of a lot easier.

2. “I love it when a girl watches football.”

Shhhh I’m trying to watch the game. This is also equivalent to: “I like that you’re not like other girls.” Hey wait, what’s wrong with other girls? Girls are awesome.

3. “So are you a fan because of your boyfriend?”

*Breathes heavily, face turning red with rage.*

4. “Oh you’re just jumping on the bandwagon because this team is good!”

No, nope, sorry. I’m a Liverpool fan - we’re currently 8th place and have lost seven games this season. There is no bandwagon, there is just unadulterated blind support in its entire splendor, my friend!

5. “Oh you’re a *insert club name here* fan? Name five players!”

Why does she have to PROVE to you she’s a real fan? Guess you'll just have to be the one who looks stupid after I name off the entire team's roster.

6. “I don’t like girls that do masculine things”

This kind of response usually involves, but is not limited to those boys who have pityingly low self-esteem. Note: These boys also fear that a girl will beat them at COD. This reaction also originates from that random aunt who likes to throw shade and judgmental looks at every possible turn. “Shou tante, are you still my niece or are you now my nephew?"

7. “Oh you’re a football fan? What’s your favorite team!”

DING DING DING! We have a winner! And THAT my friends, is how you react when you find out a girl’s a football fan.

Bonus Pick

Remember when Ronaldo schooled Marcelo on how to open a water bottle?

The look on his face: “Idiot…”


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