Under Construction Lounge is a resto-pub in Mar Mikhael that boasts a spacious interior with high ceilings; excellent, innovative cocktails; deliriously good food; savvy mixologists and bar crew; music that doesn't drown out your conversations; and some pretty wicked architecture to boot.

Calorie-counting guests will take pleasure in the four low-cal cocktails on offer, including the gin-based Key-Lime Gimlet and London Light, both of which weigh in at about 100 kcal.

You have to try Under Construction's signature "Construction Balls" (five for 13,500 LL) stuffed with puréed potato, cheese, and spinach and coated with corn flakes. Brace for an explosion of savors you taste buds will adore!

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Under Construction

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    Armenia Street Mar Mikhael Mob.: +96170881887


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