Twitter is amazing. All it takes is one perfectly timed tweet seen by a celebrity or Hollywood executive and you could find yourself packing your bags to become a writer for Saturday Night Live. In fact, several users have even managed to land book deals and their own television shows after garnering a large Twitter following.

I, however, am still waiting to be discovered. Here's a quick sampling of some of my winning tweets:

So, in an effort to see just how powerful Twitter is, I took it upon myself to tweet (read: harass) celebrities and see if I could reel anyone in. This is a little Twitter experiment I like to call: "Begging for Follows or Harassing Celebrities? You Be The Judge."

First, I hit up Martha Stewart for some classic gardening advice; no reply.

Second, I went to the love of my life and star of Masters of Sex with a straightforward approach; no reply.

Third, I went to Beyoncé in an attempt to understand her on a more personal level; no reply.

Fourth, I decided to aim local and hit up Walid Joumblatt and basically asked him and his dog out on a date; HE REPLIED! But, kind of blew me off.

Fifth, I hit up basketball legend Kobe Bryant for some tips on how to master the basketball lifestyle; no reply.

Sixth, I asked a little boy who works somewhere named One Direction who he was; no reply.

Last but not least, I told Chris Brown how I really feel; surprisingly no reply.

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Let's make celebrity fake accounts and reply to each others.

Jad Dana on Feb 1, 2015 via web
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hahahahaha hilarious. i loved ur style

Hiba L Hajj on Jan 31, 2015 via web