Letting go can be hard, but what’s even more difficult, is staying in a relationship that’s headed nowhere.

Sometimes it’s your friends and family telling you he's not the one. Other times, you know the truth, and choose to ignore all the red flags. Here are a few signs it’s time to let him go.

1. He shows absolutely no interest in your future together

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Trying to dodge your entire family’s constant questioning about when you’re getting married is bad enough. Not knowing if you even have a chance at a future with the man you're dating is one of the biggest signs it’s time to let him go. He’ll probably say something along the lines of: “I’m not looking for anything serious now.” If he can’t be serious, why should you? Besides, aren’t you tired of your mother’s constant nagging?

2. You keep feeling the need to check his phone

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Chances are, if you constantly feel like something fishy is going on, something fishy is most probably going on. Just ask to see his phone once. Tell him you just want to see the picture he took of you at Bodo last night. His reaction will tell you everything you need to know.

3. You spend too much time trying to change him

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Give up. He’s not going to budge. What’s the point anyway? It’ll be like dating a walking checklist. Give it time, you’ll find someone better.

4. He’s holding you back

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If you’re thinking about having a future with this one, it’s probably best that he actually has a job. You don't deserve a lazy bum for a partner when you’re working two jobs and then some. On to the next.

5. He isn’t nice to your friends and family

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6. He spends less time than you at the gym

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How are you ever supposed to be that sexy fit couple you keep seeing all over Instagram if he’s watching Game of Thrones all day long?

7. When you come crying to your friends about him, they don’t seem surprised

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If it has become a routine and you shouldn't be miserable to begin with. Take your friends’ advice: You can do better.

8. You’re fantasizing about someone else

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Your teacher, neighbor, some random dude you met at the club. If you’re spending more time thinking about another guy than you’re thinking about him, you need to face the facts and understand that maybe he isn’t enough to keep you happy and satisfied. And if you’re beating yourself up about why you didn’t get cute guy’s number from the club last weekend, you need to let him go sooner.

Now that you know, you can free yourself of the dead weight. The next time around, make sure he doesn’t qualify for any of the above.

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