Lebanese people enjoy drama queening storms in the most Eskimo-ish fashion. Here’s all you need to know…

P.S. You are strongly advised to read this under your bed sheets, in standard fetal position.

1. Stick to the Golden Rule…

2. Avoid life by getting your tongue, nose and fingers intimately involved with a Tarboosh

3. Make wise plans

4. And tea

5. Brush up on your hoodie game

6. Live-tweet your suffering

7. Emotionally scar a pair of Uggs

Because humans are too mainstream.

8. Cry over your internet speed

9. Cry over not having Netflix

10. Shed a sea of tears over having no one to cuddle with

11. Post a killer throwback of your summer thighs to Instagram

12. Mourn the premature death of your compact umbrella

13. Make sure to get your castana supplies checked

14. When rains get heavy, cease the opportunity to mentally recreate your favorite scene from The Notebook with your crush

Much easier if your crush is actually Ryan Gosling…

15. Invest in a giant stuffed animal

16. Temporarily break up with your suicidal driving habits

Roads are slippery and you’re no Jason Statham.

17. Denounce the flu

18. Experiment with a Turkish series for up to 50 seconds

19. Throw shade at the storm’s abilities

20. Hysterically refresh the weather app in a quest for sun

21. And of course…

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