If you’ve ever paused and thought to yourself, “this world needs more Kardashians” – congratulations, your wishes are about to come true!

Mondanite magazine, a pioneer in intellectual stimulation and scientific discovery, revealed plans the LBC network has for a Kardashian-esque reality show called ‘The Sisters.’ From the promos released on Instagram – we get a preview of the delightful mess headed our way. We will get to see the girls working out, tossing up peace signs, and arguing about being late to a photo-shoot. LOL. CLASSIC SISTER STUFF. JUST AN UNPARALLELED LOLLER-COASTER.

(Image via Instagram)

What they think it says: We’re adorbs and wear matching outfits!
What it really says: We can’t read…do all our shirts say the same word?!

(Image via Instagram)

What they think it says: I love my sister.
What it really says: Did you just fart? I will cut you, b*itch.

(Image via Instagram)

What they think it says: We’re Santa’s sexy helpers.
What it really says: This is the last thing we remember before the roofies kicked in.

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What they think it says: We work out together and love staying fit!
What it really says: Our legs are permanently stuck this way, send help.

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What they think it says: We’re hot, what every man wants.
What it really says: Our mom got this scrap of cloth on sale and made us three dresses!

Kim Kardashian was able to generate $18 million in revenue after a sham wedding, so good luck to you girls. May you play the game well enough to marry a narcissist, and may you amass such obscene amounts of fame that you become icons for a generation of douchelords.

P.S. Dear LBC, I too come from a family of three sisters. We don’t work out or go to fashion events or anything, but we do get buzzed and kiss our dog on the mouth. A lot. Hit me up!

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This Week On The Sisters Blog on Mar 16, 2015

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It's just too creative and what people are looking for to see! Great job !

Aya Abi Issa on Feb 13, 2015 via web
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lollllllll absolutely hilarious! just went thru and read your articles and just diedd laughing, keep it up this is great! the one about the legs being stuck especially hilarious.

Mira Shehata on Feb 13, 2015 via web
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Butthurt spotted.

Christelle M. Rabil on Feb 12, 2015 via web