Just as Jesus fasted during those 40 days in the desert, Christians observe Lent by giving up cherished foodstuff (or festivities) and seeking penance for their sins.

Many restaurants in Beirut are catering to the pious period by introducing Lent-friendly meals and deals spotlighted here. We wish all the Christian faithful a very blessed fasting season.

1. The Holy Season Fasting Menu at Kababji

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Kababji, one of Lebanon's foodie destinations for grilled meats, released a Holy Season Fasting Menu to cater to the meat-averse palate. Some highlights include hindbeh, or steamed chicory with sautéed onions; karnabit sandwiches starring fried cauliflower; house-specialty tomato kebbeh; the piquant walnut and pepper paste, muhammara; stuffed spinach pastries, or ftayer; and kebbet la2teen fashioned from pumpkin. There are of course Kababji’s veggie-intensive salads, like tabbouleh, fattouch, and rocca with sumac, as well as the Lebanese staples, hummus and moutabbal.

Tel.: +9611741555
Mob.: +9613265100

*Other locations across Lebanon.

2. The Fish Burger at Classic Burger Joint

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Thought burger patties only come in beef and chicken? Think again! Classic Burger Joint’s offering two alternatives to their traditional meaty burgers. The fish burger comes inside a plain bun slathered with tartar and decked with pickles. For the more severe of fasters, there’s the quinoa patty which is comprised exclusively of the namesake seed as well as vegetables like corn, kidney beans, peas and carrots. Allow yourself to get addicted anew to CBJ!

Classic Burger Joint
Uruguay Street
Tel.: +961999610

*Other locations across Lebanon.

3. Everything Falafel at Green Falafel

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Green Falafel has a built-in Lent-friendly menu all year long, since their food selection revolves around the chickpea-fava bean concoction we all love and adore. There’s the traditional fried and less traditional grilled falafel wraps, as well as falafel fajitas, falafel burgers, and falafel balls with tarator sauce and the requisite garnishes. But the restaurant’s gone an extra step to introduce new savory meatless options, namely manakish saj in zaatar, cheese, labneh, halloum, or any and all combinations thereof.

Green Falafel
Jal el Dib Highway
Jal el-Dib
Tel.: +9614718146

4. The Codfish Cake Burger at BRGR.CO

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Another of our reference burger joints is supplementing its regular fare with items suitable for fasters. BRGR.CO is for the first time launching a codfish cake burger, a battered and beautifully seasoned fish patty garnished with bean sprouts, lettuce and the essential tartar sauce with capers, onions and gherkins. You could also opt for another of the joint’s new releases, the lobster roll, or more traditional menu items like the Mediterranean Veggie or Falafel Burgers. Order a side of those irresistible truffle-oil parmesan fries to round out the meal.

Abdel Wahab El Inglizi Street
Tel.: +9611333511

Beirut Souks
Tel.: +9611999836
Tel.: +9611999837

5. The Seafood Wraps at Crepaway

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While subsisting exclusively on Crepaway’s sweet crepes could certainly qualify as meatless, we believe you’d reach your capacity for sugar after perhaps just the first crepe. So why not try the "All Good" restaurant’s two new seafood wraps? The dish features warm tortillas filled with deep-fried fish or crispy shrimps smothered in guac, a dab of tangy signature sauce, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, coriander, and a squeeze of lemon. Now we’re talking.

Tel.: +9611331919

*Other locations across Lebanon.

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