I messaged guys on Tinder using only Taylor Swift lyrics, and they were surprisingly ok with it! Let me start by admitting that my knowledge of Taylor Swift songs is quite limited since I usually prefer to hash out my emotional angst with a healthy dose of Radiohead or Pearl Jam. This is why you’ll be seeing a lot of “Blank Space” song lyrics throughout this experiment. On a related note, I am genuinely upset I didn’t get to use the phrase I most wanted to: “boooooooys only want love if it’s torture.” Poetry.

This only further proves the point that men will talk to any basket case with breasts. Here are some of the guys I met:

The guy who said “sure” to madness

The guy who tried to keep up

The guy who had to pick his friend up from the airport

The cool as a cucumber guy

The guy who thinks being a moron is “interesting”

And… the guy who got it

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