Baffled by the premise of International Women’s Day, local software engineer Karim Moussali revealed that he had extremely different expectations from the one day dedicated to honoring women and shedding light on women’s issues.

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“I had actually never heard of this holiday before, so when I saw the event on Facebook, I got so excited,” shared Moussali, 32, “you hear Women’s Day you think cooking, sex, fun -- but I couldn't have been more wrong.”

Moussali shared with us how he thought the fun on women’s day would play out, “I just thought there would be like, a cool parade, maybe some women dressed really nicely to honor the female form, not the fat form though. Next, maybe we would get served some home-cooked meals, we would judge the meals and pick a winner – pitting the women against each other would result in finer meals, that’s just science. After that we would retreat for sex, then we could go back to the parade or eat again, it would have been a flexibly schedule really.”

Moussali also was excited at the prospect of international women, as the phrase “International Women’s Day” implied, “maybe some Brazilians? Ukrainians? Of the Japanese variety? I’m not picky…”

It was a co-worker who had to break the news to Moussali about the true nature of Women’s Day and according to witnesses, it got intense. “He [Moussali] got visibly angry and started ranting about how a woman’s day should be more feminine and lady-like,” shared an anonymous bystander.

Moussali had a lot to say about this matter, so much that he actually launched a new blog titled, “What About Men?” in which he tackles a variety of gender issues, namely that men are, in fact, God's gift to women.

After being nagged by that "one annoying feminist" in his office, Moussali finally agreed to honor International Women’s Day saying, “I think that we’re supposed to pitch in with dishes or something, but isn’t that just Mother’s Day?”

Disclaimer for the slow and un-funny: this was a satirical blog post. The story is entirely fictional, except for the fact that Sunday, March 8 is - in fact - International Women's Day.

Confused Lebanese Man Expecting Sex on International Women's Day


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