This week on the riveting and intellectual show, The Sisters, a lot of things went down. A LOT, you guys.

For example, Alice got Nadine out of bed, Farah picked out snow jackets for them to wear, they took selfies, they referred to their Instagram profile as a blog a dozen more times and…euh, well that was it. However, what the girls lacked in human noses, they made up for in nuggets of wisdom and moments of genius dialogue.

Here are the most noteworthy moments from this week’s episode of The Sisters.
(And in case you missed it, this is what we thought of last week’s episode.)

1. When Abby went missing. Brave Abby, the housekeeper, is nowhere to be seen. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH ABBY? Did she not organize your fur coats to your liking? #SaveAbby.

2. When they woke up with full make-up. I too wake up with bronze eye-shadow on.

3. When we saw Nadine’s room. She has stuffed animals, Bratz dolls, and a huge portrait of herself in her bedroom, just like any normal 30-year-old.

4. When Farah wants to describe something difficult, she refers to it as, “Mission 3ANJAD Impossible.” Classic.

5. When Stella the dog tried to commit suicide. Watch closely to see the exact moment that brave Stella decides to escape the clutches of the sisters once and for all. #SaveStella

6. When Alice says she has to go to a meeting. At one point, Alice says she needs to cancel lunch to go to a meeting. Now, let’s remember that this is the same person who refers to their Instagram profile as a blog, so maybe a meeting is like a hairdresser’s appointment. Or just another excuse to skip a meal, I don’t know.

7. When they’re shopping for ski clothes. In an attempt to seem as childish and ridiculous as possible, the girls decide to ride a bike through the middle of the store. YOU ARE SO SPONTANEOUS AND SPESHAL.

8. When Nadine won’t come out to play. Her best friend Mahmoud blasts some Chris Brown to get her to come out, and it works you guys. Note: if you blast any music outside of my apartment, my neighbor will accuse you of being a prostitute.

9. When Mahmoud helps Nadine feel better. Mahmoud parks on the side of the road and they proceed to dance their little hearts and brains out to make Nadine feel better about the fact that she was dumped via text message. Another example of how whimsical and spontaneous they are.

10. When Mahmoud tells Nadine she needs to relax and clear her mind. LOL bro, I think her mind is pretty clear... not much going on there. Her most complex thought process probably involves picking a shade of lipstick for the day.

11. When they prove that they eat. Okay, sure.

Let us never forget the two bravest souls in this experiment: Abby the housekeeper, and Stella the dog, who both have to deal with these nightmares firsthand and on a daily basis. Abby and Stella, our prayers are with you; we haven’t forgotten you. #SaveAbby #SaveStella.

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