Diaayat is a Lebanese company established in 2015 to accommodate the fast-paced growth in the Lebanese advertising market.

They sell 85cmx40cm two-sided lit boxes that can be attached to taxis, and are visible during both the day and night. This form of outdoor mobile advertising has a great impact and provides the opportunity to use a vibrant, eye-catching design on a street level. It can make any brand stand out from the crowd.

Taxis dominate city streets and urban areas, transporting your message across the city. You can narrow your target market to regional routes and demographic locations, including Beirut, the Metn area, Jounieh, Jbeil, Saida, Tripoli and many more.

Every box can be rented for four consecutive weeks. Prices are affordable and have a high profit margin.


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    Main Road Jounieh Tel.: +9619830370


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