It can’t be easy being the Prime Minister of Lebanon. It's like inheriting a corrupt, ticking time bomb and people blame you every time things go wrong. I think I may have cursed the prime minister the last time I got a parking ticket. Sorry dude.

But here's the thing: Prime Minister Tammam Salam is a man of many faces and expressions, and he clearly wears his feelings on his sleeve, so here are some of the many faces of Salam and what they really mean.

(Image via The Guardian)

“Ha! Being prime minister can’t be THAT hard. I’m sure it’ll be a breeze and we’ll all have a good time.”

(Image via Al-Joumhouria)

“Is it too late to quit and become a yoga instructor?”

(Image via Yalla Today)

“It’s too late, I’m stuck here. Send help.”

(Image via Gulf News)

“Don’t tell Berri I’m here. Tell them all that I traveled; tell them I’m gone.”

(Image via Upstream Online)

“Oh really, b*tch? You think you can do a better job?”

(Image via 7sur7)

“I knew we’d have good times again! The people give me strength! I can do this!”

(Image via The NNA)

“Are you f*cking serious? Another bomb? You guys suck.”

(Image via POW)

“Hmm… these headphones are way better than my Apple buds…”

(Image via Al-Akhbar English)

“I have made a huge mistake. I regret everything.”

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