Healthy food is finding a larger market in Beirut, and where fast food junk once flourished, more nutritious and wholesome options are prevailing. Walk along Gemmayze’s Gouraud Street in the direction of Mar Mikhael and you’ll find a brilliantly lit-up joint by the name of Fawwalna next door to Tabliet Massaad. A play on words, Fawwalna refers to both getting stuffed and going hog-wild on the quintessential fava bean, ‘foul.’ Naturally this shop serves foul, balila, fatteh and a few other Lebanese vegan staples, but the best part? They’re open 24/7! Next time you’ve downed one too many drinks, prevent the hangover and make a beeline for Fawwalna.

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    Gouraud Street Gemmayzeh Tel.: +9611567123


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