Tipping in Lebanon can feel like something of a puzzle. How much should you tip after lunch at Universal Snack? Should you tip the woman who washed your hair at the salon at all? If you've ever been in that situation where the valet is staring at you with a level-headed look of desire and expectation, and you break into a cold sweat at the very thought of successfully procuring the proper tip, you've come to the right place.

1. You're having lunch with a friend

Although people don't seem to tip too well in Lebanon, try and remember that the people serving you food are making less than minimum wage. And they are handling your food. This is a good time to not be a cheap a-hole.

We Recommend: 10-15% of the bill

2. You're taking your car back from the valet

This one depends on where you are. If you're somewhere like Badaro or Mar Mkhayel, expect to pay more than the valet at the doctor's office or beach.

We Recommend: 5,000-7,000 LL

3. You're getting your hair done

This one can be a little awkward, speaking from personal experience. Some people in Lebanon do not tip the person that washes or blow dries their hair after a cut. I once ended up clearly confusing the woman who washed my hair when I tried to tip her. I was left standing awkwardly in the middle of the salon with 3,000 LL in my outstretched hand after she ran away from me, waving her hands in front of her face like I was trying to give her a dirty sock instead of a tip. Tread carefully.

We Recommend: 3,000-5,000 LL,(depending on how good your hair looks)

4. You're pumping gas and the attendant is cleaning your already clean windshield.

Not gonna lie, this one gets on my nerves a little. It's nice to have your car cleaned and all, but the only time I am pumping gas is when I am forced to because the tank is on empty and I'm in a hurry. Waiting for the attendant to clean my already clean windshield gets me a little peeved, but I will generally tip about a thousand lira.

We Recommend: Zero-1,000 LL

5. You're buying groceries and the bag boy carries them to your car

I love this awkwardly silent walk to the car after buying groceries, walking side-by-side while a stranger carries my belongings. And it's always fun when you can't remember where you parked your car.

We Recommend: 1,000 LL +

6. You're in the middle of cooking and your propane tank is empty

Not only do you not know how to change it, but you wouldn't know what those black little rubber gaskets were for if your life depended on it.

We Recommend: 1,000-2,000 LL

7. You've just ordered fast food delivery

Even though the delivery charge is included, you can't help but feel that doesn't go to the delivery guy himself. Again, take heed with those who handle your food. You won't regret it.

We Recommend: 2,000 LL

8. It's 2 AM and you need a pack of cigarettes

We've all been there. You're hanging out at home and you realize that you smoked your last cigarette after a heavy meal a couple of hours ago. You can't be bothered to put on your shoes and walk to the store, which is sad since you're in Lebanon and it is probably only a few meters down the road. You call up your local dikkeneh and order a pack of Marlboros. Since they're relatively cheap, no need to tip a large amount. But considering you are a lazy person, their services should be rewarded.

We Recommend: 2,000 LL


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I don't think so elaine. The writer is rather showing you what amount is usually expected from the ones who are receiving those tips, and most tips stated do not exceed the 2thou amount. So its actually precise for what i see happening around. Try to give the valet anything less than 5thou and look at look his face. You'd need to tip him an extra thou so he'd buy tissues to wipe them tears.

Yan Kanaan on Aug 23, 2016 via web
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so if you add up all these tips you end up losing 20,000 liras or 15 dollars . This sounds more like a tipping behavior of the super rich and the person who wrote is very generous.

Eliane Dib on Aug 23, 2016 via web