You’ve just left the gym after a gruelling workout and your stomach begins its whale-call of hunger. You’re now faced with the conundrum of deciding what to eat post-workout, but you also remember all the rules and numbers you’ve got to watch out for. You can’t have too much fat, that’s obvious, but you also have to ingest a good amount of protein, while ensuring you don’t have too many calories overall.

All that trouble just so you can walk around shirtless this summer at Pierre & Friends without cheeks redder than your tan. Well, we’ve got you covered with five quick and clean post-workout snacks (all under 400 kcals) to quell the beast within, while nourishing that body-in-the-making. Take a look:

Slender Chicken at La Fitness Diner

Calories: 258

A close cousin of the other protein-packed chicken platter at La Fitness, the Bench Press Chicken, the Slender Chicken offers protein in copious quantities at 47g and a fair 7g of fat per dish. Definitely a satisfying post-sesh meal if you’ve got an appetite to match your PR.

LA Fitness Diner
Facing Rawda High School, Takieddine Street
Tel.: +9611806725
Mob.: +9613107104

Low-Cal Turkey & Cheese at Zaatar w Zeit

Calories: 373

Yes, ZwZ can be healthy, and yes, you can visit it during normal daylight hours without having been pubbing all night. One of our favourites on their health-conscious light menu, the low calorie T&C doesn’t compromise on girth or flavour, and that melting cheese will hold you off till your next cheat day.

Zaatar W Zeit
Hamra Main Street
Tel.: +9611211711

*Other locations across Lebanon.

Oven Roasted Chicken at Subway

Calories: 266

So it’s not technically chicken per se, making their claim of it being oven-roasted anything quite tenuous, but it definitely packs a protein-heavy punch. It’s a body-builder’s best friend long as you pick a healthy bread (personal favourite is the Honey Oat). Go wild with the veggie toppings and slow down on the sauce and there you have it.

Riad Solh Street
Tel.: +961970907

*Other locations across Lebanon.

Chicken Avocado Slimmy at Diet Delights

Calories: 266

Grilled chicken and avocadoes, enough said. No but really, it’s a match made in culinary heaven up there with Cookies’N’Cream-flavoured whey. Great macros on this one, but it’ll leave you with some hunger pangs if you’ve got a big appetite. They offer a wide variety, all while keeping your dietary limitations in mind.

Diet Delights
Monot Main Street
Tel.: +9611325925

Chicken Tenders at Fiber

Calories: 67

A guilt-free (and gains-aplenty) way of reliving those chicken-nugget memories of your childhood without the guilt. A perfect post-workout snack for a paltry amount of calories, the chicken tenders at Fiber will most likely have you ordering seconds just to mop up the honey mustard sauce that comes with.

Sidani Street
Tel.: +9611735935
Mob.: +96171955511

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