If you're reading this and you're a female who is over the age of 32 and living in Lebanon, don't start freaking out just yet. You've got the rest of your life to get used to the idea of living with your parents. It wouldn't hurt to start stocking up on cat food, though. JK. Shout out to all my single girls who know exactly what all of these scenarios feel like:

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Everyone and their mom is concerned with your status as a single girl. They constantly remind you that your ovaries are quickly nearing their expiration date and you need to leave your boyfriend if he can't foresee a future that involves settling down and popping out babies STAT.

You've mastered the basic pattern of questions posed to you at bachelorette parties, engagements, and weddings. You know exactly when the other guests will look down at your naked ring finger, notice your graying hair, and hit you with “Nchallah nifra7 minik” or “3a2belik,” out of pity.

Family members often pull you aside to ask if there’s someone special in your life before they try to hook you up with someone they think will be an eligible bachelor. In reality, he’s just a distant relative of theirs that still depends on his parents for everything. Pro-tip: Want to get out of this trap? Tell them you don’t want and/or physically cannot have children. Like a magic trick, they will disappear faster than you can say, "f*ck off."

It’s a jungle out there, bitches. With the hope of actually meeting your one and only true love, single girls know how important it is to dress up (or dress down), over-accessorize and use all the makeup they own just to have a fair shot at pinning a decent guy down. I mean, you've seen Lebanese girls, right? They are ridiculously good looking. Competition in this country is so fierce you might as well be up against Beyonce. So good luck if you attempt to leave the house looking basic. You don't stand a chance, girlfriend.

And finally, you get hit on almost everywhere you go and yet you still can't manage to nail down a long-term relationship. And it's sort of like a daily punch in the vagina slap in the face.

The Struggles of Being a Single Girl in Lebanon


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