How messed up do you have to be to murder innocent animals with your bare hands? Extremely.

AUB is essentially kitty heaven. With lots of things to climb and jump off of, a steady supply of food, and tons of cat-lovers walking around petting the shit out of every cat in sight. There are also 300 fellow cats roaming the campus, and I like to imagine them meeting around the Green Oval for afternoon tea – it’s great! Cats are like AUB royalty, they get regular checkups with a vet and anybody who messes with them gets issued a Dean’s warning. Oh that is…until a psychotic guy grabs one of the little kittens and snaps her neck.

How could anyone hurt this baby?

Whoever this person is, their sadistic murder of these cats is a very troubling sign. Animal abuse is often a warning of psychological disorders like psychopathic (or antisocial) personality disorder. In fact, the FBI’s behavioral sciences unit concluded that many people who become serial killers often start out by killing and torturing animals at a young age.

According to a report published in the Daily Star Thursday, AUB student Carla Sertin saw the killer, who she described as a tall man with light skin and short dark hair, last Wednesday. He appeared to be petting the kitten before it squealed and he ran away, leaving the bleeding dead kitten behind.

The normally cat-friendly campus has never had incidents of animal killing before, and AUB has quite a stringent policy towards those who harm the cats; if you get a Dean’s warning for kicking a cat, my logic says this guy should be castrated for killing six kittens, if not more.

Look at that face.

Sadly, we see instances of animal abuse and animal neglect every day in Lebanon, often at the hands of ignorant people who truly believe that animals don’t have feelings and that their suffering is amusing. This however, is a different story; here we have somebody who attends this university in one capacity or another, he is educated or at least exposed to education. Beyond that, this is a person who is capable of grabbing a fluffy baby kitten, a tiny adorable cat, and ending its life with his bare hands, capable of torturing an innocent and playful creature who just wants to lie in the sun all day and take naps. So above everything, this is a call for mental health awareness; mental and personality disorders cannot remain taboos that we sweep under the rug because of our misconceptions.

To the person doing this, if you're a sadistic asshole who’s just trying to get attention, I hope you get your eyes and your genitals clawed. You’re just a coward who takes pleasure in exerting control over angelic little kittens who just want to be loved and cuddled. But if you're a truly troubled person, someone who does this sort of thing compulsively and has no control over their actions - then please, please get help before your compulsions escalate. You don’t know what you may do next, or who you may harm.

Cat protection program.

If anybody has any information on the identity of this person, it’s on you to do the right thing and contact the Dean’s office.

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