Stop making stupid people famous. This of course is referring to the trend of undeserved fame that was first given to Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and co, after which they handed off the (dildo-shaped) torch to this century’s KKK equivalent, the triple threat of Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe – the Kardashian sisters.

We need to stop making stupid people famous, and what better way to do that than to celebrate and elevate people who truly deserve it? Enter Amal Alamuddin, who recently came into the limelight after marrying Hollywood’s George Clooney. But Alamuddin’s claim to fame is not only her husband whose chin-dimple looks like an actual butt on his face, but rather her accomplishments in the field of international law.

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We recently came across this article published in the esteemed New York Times waxing poetic about how Alamuddin embodies a lot of what the city's elite prides itself on: a first class education, a high profile marriage, the possibility of political involvement, and an impeccable fashion sense to boot.

But still, our admiration and “obsession” with Alamuddin seems misdirected; this woman has a job prosecuting war criminals and challenging deniers of the Armenian genocide, and most of what we see written about her is how she pairs her trench coat with white jeans and how she’s bringing bellbottom pants back into style.

This is not the first incident in which women’s accomplishments are over-shadowed by their wardrobe. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had her wardrobe picked apart by a moron named Karl Lagerfeld; while Merkel is one of the most powerful European leaders, Lagerfeld designs tight skinny jeans. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has also had her fair share of bullshit in the media, with a recent article in Time Magazine stating that she is the perfect age to be president because she is post-menopausal and can biologically handle stress well. Although this article was a pro-Hillary article, it was demeaning and sexist. Have they ever published articles on how John McCain’s erectile dysfunction would affect his leadership? Or how Barack Obama’s lapels on his blazer hang too low? No, it is constantly women who are judged on their appearances instead of their skills.

So let’s allow ourselves some Lebanese pride, shall we? This is a woman who counteracts every single stereotype perpetuated about Lebanese women, mainly the notion that they are shallow bimbos who aspire to nothing but marriage and wealth; here is a woman who should be a source of inspiration for men and women alike.


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I love the way you write!!

Elly Bekhazi on Apr 24, 2015 via mobile web