Although most comments or questions posed by Lebanese people are dressed up to be polite and appropriate (see: where are you from = what is your religion,) there are times when we throw caution to the wind and feel entitled to say the most inappropriate shit to other people.

Here is a list of rude comments and questions Lebanese people think they can get away with:

The ones about your weight:

1) You’ve gained weight.
2) You’ve lost weight…good for you!
3) You should really lose weight.
4) You’d be so much prettier if you lost weight.
5) Oh, have you tried losing weight?
6) Why don’t you go to the gym? It’ll TIGHTEN UP YOUR BODY.

The ones about your relationship status:

7) Why are you single?
8) Are you still single? How old are you?
9) Why aren’t you married?
10) Why don’t you have children?

The ones about your looks:

11) You really need a tan.
12) What’s wrong with your face? (Nothing) Oh, you need to wear more make-up.
13) You need to wax your upper lip.
14) Why don’t you try doing your eyebrows?
15) You should go to a dermatologist, they can help with your pimples! *Proceeds to recommend a dermatologist*

The ones about your boyfriend’s financial status:

16) What does his father do?
17) Does he own an apartment?
18) What car does he drive?
19) Does his business do well?

The “playfully” racist ones:

20) You should cut your hair, you look like a gypsy!
21) You should cut your hair, you look like a Sri Lankan!
22) Stop tanning, you’re going to look like a black person.

Basically, they will fat-shame, pale-shame you, and single-shame you to death.


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Bonus: your husband works offshore: 23- Do you miss him? 24- how are the kids doing when dady's away 25- how often you have sex? what if you get your period while he is coming home? 26- are you happy with it?

Haitham M A Bechara on Aug 23, 2015 via web
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I am :Lebanese and I would never ever say those insulting things to any one,,,

VIctoria George Rizahalla on Aug 16, 2015 via web
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Do wax your upper lip thou :)

Ali Hammoud on Aug 16, 2015 via web