Dear readers, let me draw you attention to Lebanon's newest health food eatery, it' a place called "Eat Sunshine" and it's located in he heart of Monot.

You know that whole clean eating craze happening over food right now? This concept restaurant is all about it. Gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian, Eat Sunshine will hook you the eff up.

Dalia Taher Haddad, the woman behind the restaurant, also happens to be a certified holistic health coach. As she emphasized when we spoke to her earlier this week, her eatery is not about promoting a specific health trend or diet plan. The one word she could use to describe the menu best is “clean.”

From succulent juices, gourmet dips, tasty salads, excellent pastas, exquisite desserts, to organic coffee, the concept eatery has a diverse and delicious menu full of clean nutrient rich options. For the most part, the restaurant serves organic fruit and vegetables, free-range and pastured animal products, and wild-caught fish while also emphasizing local products. However, unique super foods from around the globe are also embraced and the salmon is organically farmed instead of wild-caught.

To top off the stellar menu, the atmosphere is perfect. A bit hidden – you have to walk through the linen shop in front to find it – you enter into a sunlight soaked room with an open kitchen to the left and seating to the right. The tree branches above the glass ceiling cast dappled light across the room, creating a sun-soaked ambience fitting of the eatery’s name.

But the best part about the menu? Eat as much as you want and you just don’t feel one bit guilty!

Eat Sunshine and Dalia exude a warm and friendly vibe, one that encourages you to rethink your relationship to food in a holistic and positive way. With the body image obsessed culture of Beirut, perhaps Dalia’s new eatery is exactly the alternative we should turn to instead of fad diets and plastic surgery. Just a thought for all you wanna-be Kim K's out there.

Eat Sunshine
Rue Monot
Tel.: +9613753378
Tel.: +9611325980

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