N.B This post was originally published in May 2014.

You know what's better than fried food? That was a rhetorical question. Clearly, nothing is better than fried food.

Now let's take one of the classic dishes built from the very backbone of Lebanese traditions, kibbeh, and throw in some cheese and ham and then fry it. Do you know what you have? You have the greatest thing to happen to kibbeh since the dawn of civilization. Okay, I exaggerate a little. It's the best thing to happen to kibbeh in the history of Lebanon. Yes, that sounds about right.

Boulevard Beirut restaurant, which opened up in place of the old La Plage restaurant on the Corniche, is trying out all sorts of culinary magic. Among them: Mhallabyeh topped with Miske-flavored ice cream and sprinkled with pistachios; or a crunchy, scrumptious falafel salad covered in dobs of sweet and light tahini-yogurt dressing.

But the real star of this cunning menu is, undoubtedly, the Kibbeh Cordon Bleu. It looks sexy, and tastes amazing. Melted cheese oozes from the insides of a crisp kibbeh shell that's been stuffed with layers of perfectly smoked ham. In other words: my mouth just came in my mouth.

Peeps, you want your face full of this. You want your face full of this right now. *drops mic*

Boulevard Beirut
Choucri Ghanem Street
Ain el Mreisseh
Tel.: +9611366222

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