Lately, my friends and I have been stressing over how to finance one of our bad habits. We are calling it our “Urbanista addiction.”

Ever since Urbanista opened its second branch on Bliss Street in Hamra, the place has been slowly reeling us in. When it was all the way across town in East Beirut, it never seemed that appealing. That changed completely when it popped up in our hood.

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I think it started with the realization that they have an extremely dependable internet connection. Once they got me coming back for more of the WiFi, I discovered the salad bar.

I would argue that Urbanista has, hands-down, the best salad bar in Beirut and it’s currently in the running for best salad bar in the world, a competition judged by yours truly. What makes the salad bar so freaking special you ask? Well, mainly two things: it has quinoa and really large plates. It's like they're sending the subtle message that yes, it's ok to stuff your face with as much quinoa and lettuce as you please.

I'm actually proud of myself for cutting back on my Urbaddiction. A few months ago, I was hitting this place up every day of the week. While that frequency has gone down, my friends and I are still brainstorming ways to earn extra money just so we can keep financing our Urbanista visits. For the time being we just hand over our credit cards and stop looking at the bills.

The thought of going cold turkey terrifies me, so does anyone want to join my new support group: Urbanisters Anonymous? We can meet once or twice a week to hold ourselves accountable. I know this great place on Bliss...

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