N.B This post was originally published in in March 2015.

Bitches be crazy! And by bitches, we mean these Lebanese boyfriends.

“On our anniversary, my boyfriend at the time got industrial amounts of cotton, arranged them in the shape of a heart in the lot outside my window, then lit it all on fire and called me to look outside thinking it was the most romantic Hollywood production of all time. The cops chased him down shortly after” – Tia, 24.

“After we broke up, my ex would tell me that he truly believes he’s the prophet and that I’d be missing out if I didn’t get back together with him. He had been completely normal up until then” – Lynn, 26.

“My ex-boyfriend had major control issues. When I would be having lunch with my family on Sundays, he would show up at the restaurant and sit at a nearby table by himself, order a meal, and then just watch me” – Maya, 30.

“He would threaten to kill me all the time and said that he was schizophrenic so if he did, he wouldn’t be charged with murder. He said the only way to ensure my safety was if we got married because he would never murder his wife” – Tatiana, 27.

“My ex loved starting fights, wherever we would go he would accuse random people of checking me out. He always got his ass kicked too” – Tamara, 24.

“My ex wouldn’t use the bathroom outside his own house so we could never take long trips because he would always need to be within 10-minutes of his house” – Anonymous, 29.

“My ex-boyfriend asked me to stop smoking, stop drinking, and most importantly to stop eating garlic. Mind you he did all three of those things but said he couldn’t help it, but I should be able to stop” – Anonymous, 20.

“Each time we would get in a fight he would tell me that he feels really sick and that his doctors said that stress is very bad for his illness. I was young so I would panic and think he was really sick when he was just a crazy liar” – Lara, 25.

“My boyfriend at the time had forgotten his phone in my car so I saw a bunch of messages from some woman on BBM, like really long conversations with tons of sex talk. When I confronted him he tried to tell me he has cancer and can’t help his actions, what a liar” – Maya, 32.

“After we broke up my ex sent a bunch of my topless photos to my mom so yeah, that was an awkward time in my life” – Anonymous, 22.

“I was in the car with my boyfriend and we were arguing about something so he drove directly into a wall. We’re no longer together” – Anonymous, 23.

“For almost a year after we broke up he would follow me and wouldn’t even try to hide it. He would drive behind me, wait for me under the house, it was really crazy” – Aya, 26.

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Bitch please, lets not start with lebnaese gfs

Amjad M. Chatila on May 15, 2015 via mobile web