Guys in Lebanon have a knack for picking up chicks. Instead of using conventional methods like calling us pretty, and getting to know us over dinner, they'll say things like: "Wow, you look tired; you should put some makeup on. Or: "habibte, why aren't your nails painted?!"

Here are some of the ridiculous ways Lebanese guys miserably fail to charm us.

1. Singing off key

Some fools like to lean on their cheap, pink, beat-up scooter with half a pack of gel in their hair and start singing to women as they walk by. Cool it Romeo, your voice doesn’t even come remotely close to Wassouf’s.

2. Random phrases in Arabic
If you’re not sure about this one, walk by a construction site just once. You’ll get comments like masha2 Allah, smalla, or a full-length description of your eyes, hair, and in odd cases, your nose as you hurry off in the opposite direction.

3. Asking for directions
You know he’s been to Mar Mikhael at least 500 times. Yet, he finds the need to ask you for directions right in front of the flashing neon sign that reads: “Welcome to Mar Mikhael.”

4. Will you marry me?

(Photo via Gestalt Journal)

Woah homeboy, slow your roll.
You’d think wearing a fake engagement ring for the sole purpose of not getting hit on would actually scare them away. No luck. Lebanese guys can be quite persistent when it comes to finding girls.

5. A whole lot of cheese
Don’t be surprised when a guy asks you, “Are those your eyes, or the light of the moon?”

6. Comparing a woman to an indulgent, delightful dessert
2ashta, 3asal, Jell-O, the list is endless. “Yo Mouhelabiye, fi majel net3araf?”

7. Sharing feelings on social media

At this point they’ve lost all confidence in ever finding a girl using the six fail-proof tactics listed above. They’re getting old and have yet to see more than a woman’s tantalizing cleavage, so they turn to their last resort: social media. I wonder how long it’ll take them to realize that very few girls, if any, respond to a Whatsapp from a complete stranger saying, “I lick you.”

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😁 . no not true 😇😒 . hehe ya mhallabye fe majel nt3araf .... This one cracked me up but still I think the first part of it has some egyption origin or is it bcz of the way am pronouncing it ? G idk . lol u forgot the "natera tstwe" trick , where the guy actaully keeps ignoring the girl that might have looked at him a if he s expecting her to come to him and beg him to accept her 😂😎

Hussein Shouaib on Jun 25, 2015 via mobile web