The inventors of Facebook and Instagram must cry when they see some of the comments on social media sites. They’ve created monsters, and there’s no turning back. Here are some of the most common obnoxious things Lebanese people say on social media sites.

The compliment train:

1) Jamelikk
2) Mwahhhh
3) Miss youuuuuuu
4) OMG you’re gorgeousssss babe
5) Waaaaaawww
6) Hbb ure stunningggg
7) Best couple!!
8) Cutest couple that the world has ever created

Addressing the masses:

9) Thx likers
10) Good morning/good night followerssss
11) Luv u allllll

The attention-whore:

12) WHO took this pic? (Note: the person who wrote this usually took this picture – very deep stuff.)
13) OMG you went without meeeee? *sad emoji* *awkwardness*
14) Sickkkkkkk
15) *A photo of someone in the hospital with no further explanation*

The plans that go nowhere:

16) I wanna see youuu
17) When are we gonna hang out?!
18) Omg coffee soon!!
19) We should go to dinner when you’re back!
20) When are we gonna go for sushi?! *Salsa dancer girl emoji*


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