Despite it’s beautiful weather and the fact that it’s the party capital of the Middle East, here’s what I’m NOT looking forward to this summer.

1. The searing heat

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A little sunshine and a beautiful tan are great, but sweating like a freakin pig in all my cute summer outfits is definitely not ok.

2. How everyone’s main priority becomes clubbing

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No one cares that you were dancing like a sweaty juicebox at Sky Bar last night. No one will remember it the next day, and I highly doubt you will either.

3. The way your face melts off your body as you sit in traffic
But this time intensified by a million looming sunrays as you melt away in your AC-less car. *Applies sunblock only to left arm to avoid getting taxi-driver tan*

4. Putting on 15 kilos because ice cream is just so damn good.

5. Engagement parties, bachelorette parties, weddings, etc.

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In case you needed a reminder that you are forever single.

6. Side-eye for wearing seasonally appropriate clothing
Wearing a skirt doesn’t make you a slut. If you feel the need to show a little skin to let your privates breathe this summer, be my guest. Haters gonna hate.

7. Tourists. Tourists everywhere!
And then the price of basically everything doubles overnight.

8. Overpriced beaches
Can’t a girl get some R&R at the beach without having to spend over $40? The fact that beaches in Lebanon are so expensive encourages you to spend the entire day to get your money’s worth. What you get instead is hideous sunburn. Not to mention, having to buy new heels and expensive waterproof makeup specifically for the beach, in order to fit in with the rest of the wannabe models that strut around in bright pink lipstick, hair extensions, and 9-inch heels trying to pretend like they don’t have nearly a thousand grains of sand up their bleached asses.

Dear fall, please come sooner.

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