The fine line between freedom of speech and political correctness tends to blur in the world of comedy, with many comics making careers out of pushing boundaries and wandering into controversy. There is no question French comedian and actor Dieudonné is one of these people.

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala gained recognition by performing skits and stand-up that was often deemed racist or anti-Semitic, the latter of which led to his conviction a staggering eight times in French courts.

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Highlights of his controversial comedy include appearing on a live sketch comedy show disguised as a parody of an Israeli settler dressed in military fatigues and a traditional Orthodox Jewish hat. The sketch proceeded to liken Israeli settlers to Nazis and was met with intense backlash from the Jewish community and even led to a court date. His most recent controversy was related to the attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine, after which he posted a Facebook status that French police deemed was sympathetic to one of the gunmen who took part in the massacre.

He was arrested and charged with being an “apologist for terrorism.” He even has a signature gesture, the “quenelle” gesture (see photo below), a reverse Nazi salute he has popularized in his acts that has been widely received as being anti-Semitic.

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In response to years of criticism, Dieudonné has claimed his comedy targets everyone and everything and denies being an anti-Semite. Loyal fans have described him as “anti-establishment.” However, he has had many of his shows around France cancelled, and his stand-up banned by French courts for inciting anti-Semitism. He's had shows in Brussels and Casablanca cancelled over his reputation for offensive content.

Dieudonné previously performed in Lebanon after the 2006 war, and more recently in 2010 when he took the stage at Music Hall. This welcome is in contrast to other comedians, notably Gad el-Maleh.

El-Maleh was forced to cancel his show in Lebanon back in 2009 after public outcry arose of him being a former Israeli soldier – a claim that he still denies.

Dieudonné brings his stand-up act Dieudonné En Tournée: La Bête Immonde (The Filthy Beast) to Casino Du Liban on June 3rd and 4th of 2015. Tickets can be purchased online at at Virgin Ticketing.

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