Infinite Rides is all about bikes. We believe that riding a motorcycle is a Zen thing.

This is why we offer you the opportunity to learn to ride a bike in a way that gives you that sense of adventure and adrenaline rush that you are looking for without compromising on safety. We teach you to have complete control over the vehicle, no matter what speed or terrain you might be on.

Infinite Rides Bike Riding Academy offers courses and classes, especially for women. We first teach you to gain balance and control on closed tracks. Once you are confident, we take you to open roads, where you gain expert control on different road conditions and traffic. We are with you at every step of the way to ensure that you have only the best learning experience, in complete safety.

Infinite Rides Bike Rental is a service we offer to both residents of Lebanon and tourists visiting the country. Seeing the country on two wheels brings to in touch with the beauty and culture of Lebanon that no four-wheeler can bring you. Imagine coursing down those beautiful mountains in a way that you become one with nature, unconfined by the walls that other vehicles create around you.

So, come feel the thrill of riding and experiencing the world on two wheels.

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    AUCE Dekwaneh, within the AUCE parking Dekouaneh Tel.: +9613404565


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