Blogging, writing for an online platform, or just plugging yourself into the vast wilderness that is the Internet in any way can be super difficult. You publicly open yourself up to criticism from complete strangers, and some of them can be downright nasty.

Haters can range from trolls to the bitterly and inexplicably hateful. In just the short time I've started writing for, I noticed how cruel people can be. Let's take a look at three common types of meatslappers.

I’ve encountered this last kind of hater in the form of a graphic designer, and mainly it’s because of my illustrations. I can’t even begin to explain how many people have offered to “improve” my illustration skills even after I've explained that I deliberately simplify my illustrations in order to keep producing articles every week. Dwelling on details takes a long time. She is the same person who is a huge fan of comics like Cyanide and Happiness which consist of basically sticks with round heads. Kind of hypocritical sweetie, don’t you think?

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I can't say i've seen your name associated with one of the bad articles but in my honest opinion a couple of "writers/bloggers" on here are actually the tools themselves. Generalizing like a bunch of idiots and labeling people left and right, there's always two or fifty sides to every story, and if all you take into account is your colleagues perspective then sure, you're gonna think the internet is just a host to assholes and dickheads who troll relentlessly. Take a step back, assess some articles written by the "co-bloggers" and you'll definitely realize that not all negative "feedback" or criticism they receive is uncalled for and that most of it is actually said blogger being an ignorant asshole whose trying to ride the "hip" train and comment, spread, and share stupidity they know nothing about via your website/blog P.S: I'd gladly point you in the direction of some of those "masterpieces" of articles

Khalil Aoun on Jun 23, 2015 via web
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Haters are all around this shitty world ! just keep doing what u do and pay no attention to them. I always enjoy your articles and your sense of humor.

Inas Fateem on Jun 22, 2015 via web